A few thoughts that have taken a stroll through my brain.

I must be the most boring person on the face of the earth.  I have been perusing profiles on a couple of dating sites and it seems that jaunts to Hawaii, warm locales in the lower 48 and overseas on a whim are normal.  Men all ride motorcycles and are looking for a committed relationship (although within 5 messages they bring up sex.)  No one works 40+ hour weeks and want to come home, have dinner, clean up and then veg on the couch for a little snuggle time and then bed.

It’s just a cold.  Men’s colds are the end of the world and women’s colds are an inconvenience.

Lack of sleep makes me hate everyone and everything.

I miss having someone sleep next to me and I am so glad that my daughter isn’t too old to climb in bed with me and snuggle when Mom needs it.  She is hitting the tween age but isn’t pulling away like her older sister did.  For that I thank God everyday.

My kids love each other.  That though alone makes me happy.  My post on Facebook explains.  One more brag on my kids….last night Eugenie’s battery died because she left the lights on. She called a friend to jump start her but he was bad with directions so she called me to be on standby. I had to call Jacob and ask him to pull his jumper cables out of his buried car for made to pick up in case I had to go in for the rescue. He was more than happy to so that. Then Jared was walking home from work and saw Eugenie waiting and stopped to stay with her for company and protection. Josh (Eugenie’s boyfriend/baby daddy) and friends got there to jump start her car then gave Jared a ride home. The boys may not get to see their sister daily but they are there for each other in a moments notice.

Punctuality is important to me.  I didn’t realize how much it irritates me for someone I am meeting to run late.  I had two meet ups with a gentleman and he was late both times.  The first time he texted me to let me know and the other it was only about 5 minutes but if that is how he is going to be when he should be trying to impress me how bad would it get if we got into “real” life.

I like my job.  A lot.  I like getting a problem and figuring it out. I like knowing my resources and who to ask for help when I need it.  I like being part of a team that enjoys their time together both in the office and out.

I am boring, really boring.  But I take good care of those I love.  I will take boring over adventurous any day if I can make those around me feel loved and cared for.


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