Using the “don’t mess with me” voice

I hate confrontation.  So much so that I don’t always stand up for myself.

I got a new pair of glasses last April from LensCrafters.  Paid a pretty penny because I am vain and won’t wear bifocals with the line so I get the Progressive lenses.  I wouldn’t accept the first lenses they installed in the frame because I could see the laser marks on the lens.  The second set of lenses were fine.

I wore these glasses about 3 months when two cracks developed in one corner of the right lens.  The cracks didn’t impair my vision so I just let it go.  A few more months went by and the cracks got worse and minor cracks started developing on the left side of the left lens.

I decided to go to a Eye Mart and get a new pair of glasses.  Once my new glasses came in I took the pair I had been wearing back to LensCrafters and demanded they replace the defective lenses.  The clerk told me that there was nothing she could do.  I put on my don’t mess with me voice and said, “Yes, you can, you can get me a manager or the number to corporate because someone will be replacing these defective lenses.”

Poor clerk looked a little taken aback but she did go get the manager.  The manager took one look at the lenses and said, “Order new lenses these are obviously defective.”

I am glad I took a stand and didn’t let myself get pushed around.  I am always afraid of being perceived as being a bitch but taking a stand and demanding quality products that I purchase with my hard earned money is not being bitchy.  Too bad it took me 40+ years to learn that lesson.

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