Building a team

Building a cohesive work team is not easy.  Our help desk team is down one member and the process of refilling that position has begun.  Our last teammate was not a team player.  Ego out the wazoo, chauvinistic pig attitude, his idea of customer service was closing more tickets per day than anyone else.  We were happy to see him go.

The hiring manager recently called two of us on the help desk team to sit in on the second interview with a promising applicant.  The two of us were previously hiring managers so we knew the legal do’s and don’ts as far as questions that could be asked.  I like the idea of having team members meet applicants to see if personalities mesh.

Spending 1/3 of each day in an office with 10 other people one bad apple can truly spoil the barrel.  Being a team player doesn’t mean you have to like every person on the team but you have to be willing to work together and compromise.  You don’t have to always see eye to eye but you do have to respect one another’s differences.

I like the fact our team gets along well despite the differences.  We are not what most people imagine IT personnel to be.  Granted we have some members who are solid gamers, voracious readers but we also have athletes and total outdoorsmen.   We dog each other, take as good as we dish out.  We push each other to better the entire department.

My hope is that once the new team member comes on board our barrel will be full with no bad seeds spoiling the mix.


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