Online dating…ugh


I have done the online dating, both paid and free sites.  I have heard and actually met a few people who met their current spouse/significant other online so I thought I would give it a try.  Here are some lessons learned based on my less than stellar experiences.  In no particular order….

1 – it isn’t easy

2 – All the hype about having a good written profile is hype, better to have a good picture.  I think I only had one man comment about the profile I spent hours writing.

3 – people lie…a lot

4 – scammers are prolific

5 – you learn to translate very quickly ie “I’m not looking for dates just someone to talk to” = I am married/have a girlfriend and “maybe fun” = I want a booty call/sex

6 – being “cougar age” chances are better than not you will be contacted by men much younger than your stated age range

7 – be careful asking for pictures, if  you are a woman asking a man for a picture chances are better than not you will get….to be delicate…a friend calls them pickle shots

8 – if you do decide to email one another outside of the website learn how to strip the headers off the email and trace the IP addresses to verify that you aren’t emailing someone overseas

update 2/15/13   In the last two days have been contacted by two scammers, and one “mature for my age” 25 year old.  This is to top off the month long experiment of trying the online thing again.  In the 4 weeks I was on I had zero contact with anyone who was either real or age appropriate.  It is time to throw in the towel again with the online dating thing.


6 thoughts on “Online dating…ugh

  1. gregariouswolf says:

    Online dating sucks because dating sucks.

  2. Erudite Knight says:

    Make a male and female profile, note the differences!

    • I don’t know that I can get outside of myself enough to create a believable male profile. Or do you mean use the same words, only change the pictures to a man’s face and the pronouns to the opposite gender?

      I went and read a couple of your most recent blog posts and I am sorry you have been so hurt by women. I didn’t read much past the latest 2 or 3 because with my empathetic nature my spirit hurt far too much. I, fortunately, haven’t let my bad experiences kill my hope that there is someone out there for me.

      I do have to admit that this – “their bloated carcasses that demand me to respect their despite the repulsive appearance” and this “obesity problem lowering the numbers of girls even remotely approachable.” were exceedingly hurtful to me personally. Should I just give up because I carry far too many pounds on my body, therefore in the estimation of like minded men, I am not worthy of their companionship.

      I won’t give up because if I am repulsive to you and men with the same physical tastes, there is nothing I can do to prove to you or them that under the extra pounds I carry is the woman you describe as what you want.

      So I carry on, living as healthy as I can, trying to improve myself for me because, in the end, it is me I live with and love.

      I wish you hope and faith that your lifelong companion will cross your path and you will not have closed your heart and mind to knowing her when you find her.

      • Erudite Knight says:

        What a lot of girls fail to realize, if you are admitting you are fat it is not hopeless, you need to do a few things though to boost you: be nice (amazing how many girls arent) be outgoing, and learn some domestic skills like cooking.

        Learn these 3 and its on.

  3. I got the nice thing down pat, sometimes to my own detriment. I am working on the be outgoing (I am a bit shy one on one). And my ex used to brag about my skills in the wifely arts. I can cook, bake, sew, and I rear well behaved, kind children. Sooner or later I expect someone will see beyond the physical and find that I am quite the catch. 🙂

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