Women who suck and those who don’t

Today was totally and thoroughly ruined by a couple of women.

I have cried a thousand tears over accusations that I am a horrible parent.  Raising children is never easy. Each child has their own personality and you try (sometimes desperately) to let them know you love them unconditionally. I think every parent goes through difficult times with each of their children and it is how they each (parent and child) handle those rough times that foretells the future. I know I made mistakes but I did the best I could. I gave 100% to my kids and I said I am sorry whenever I knew I was wrong. As my children have become adults I have given them their autonomy to make their decisions about me. I have learned from conversations with my sister and other conversations with my adult children that our memories of events are clouded by our own perceptions. I take responsibility for my own shortcomings where my kids are concerned, none of them know the tears the I have shed worrying I have damaged them.

A good friend of mine has started the awful process of getting divorced.  And his soon to be ex-spouse is attempting to ruin his life.  She has spread allegations that could get him in deep trouble.  As much as I despised my ex when I was leaving my marriage I would never have attempted to ruin his life like she is doing.  Even with the demise of a union, civility should rein, especially when children are involved.  Never should any person ruin the life of the person who is the other parent to their children.   It is hard to be a supportive friend when you live thousands of miles away but I will do my best to be the person my friend can count on for support.

My women friends were so supportive during this day of angst.  I love how different we all are but as mothers, coworkers and friends you couldn’t ask for better women to surround yourself with.


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