Letting go


We have made the overwhelming decision to sign a DNR order for my Dad.  He is only 69 years old but his body is plumb wore out.

I feel like I have been grieving the loss of my Dad for many years.  I had no contact with my Dad for the first 14 or so years of my marriage.  I have been back in contact with my him for about 15 years.

My Dad lives with a woman I love very much.  She has taken such good care of my Dad through his diagnosis of Parkinson’s, his stroke, and now his severe esophageal bleeding.  i firmly believe he is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s too.  The Doctors told Nancy today that if he doesn’t get out of bed and moving, and relearn how to swallow they may be forced to put him on life support.

His is such a proud, stubborn man.  I last saw him in person 2 summers ago and his health was already failing him.  He was in a rehab center at that time to adjust his medications.  The medications had him hallucinating and doing very odd things.

I believe my Dad’s body is ready to go, I hope his fears will diminish and his mind and heart will allow him to pass from this earth and find peace.  John Calvin Scott, I love you Daddy.


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