Early mornings

morning balloon

I am a morning person.  I love waking up early.  The earth is still quiet.

I like to shower first thing in the morning, in semi-darkness, with music playing low in the background, hot water pounding down.  I like good smelling shampoo and feeling the bubbles slide down my body.  I prefer liquid soap on a poof to bar soap.  I like to put conditioner in my hair and then just stand in the hot spray of water, thinking while the conditioner softens my hair. Stepping out of the shower I like to put my hair up in a turban and wrap a body sheet around my warm, red skinned body.  I then escape the steamy, humid bathroom.  I hate trying to dress in all that humidity, no matter how dry I get the humidity makes me feel clammy. I dress in my bedroom where I feel dry not clammy while I put on the day’s attire.

When it snows in the mornings, stepping out of my home is like walking into my perfect world.  All you can hear is the snow drifting down.  I love that sound, almost as much as I love the sound of thunder during a rainstorm.

I like getting to my office before anyone else.  We keep the lights off in the office, there is one fixture that always stays on so it is not complete darkness, just enough light to see.  I can turn my music up and not hear any complaints.  I am not an overly social person so not having to listen to mindless chatter allows me to work and concentrate.

As much as I like darkness and silence, you would think nights would be my favorite but it is the new beginning of each day that lifts my spirits.


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