Yesterday there were two incidents in which innocent children were injured or killed.  An  attack in China was carried out by a knife wielding perpetrator. The incident in America by a gun toting perpetrator who killed himself.  This will not be a discourse on gun control.

I, along with multitudes of humans on this earth, am saddened by these tragic events.  My first thoughts were of my own children and how thankful I am they have been able to grow up without being touched by any tragedies such as these.  I, along with multitudes of humans on this earth, pray for the families of all those touched by these events.  And like my religious practices on a daily basis my prayers were done in private with no fanfare.

The amazing speed at which social media and news media spread this type of information causes those who are drama kings and queens to bask in their own glory.  And this bothers me.

Parents in locations thousands of miles from these events rushing to schools to take their children home to “protect” them.  Really??  A single troubled individual carried out his heinous crime in a state on the other side of the country and these drama craving individuals need to show they care more about their child than anyone else by going to the school in hysterics to protect that child.  Posting status after status drawing attention to how heartbroken they are, how they want to hold tight to their child, and then finding every meme available about the tragedy and posting those also.  Then making big pronouncements about leaving social media for the day because it is too full of sadness.  How hypocritical of them after their dozen or so updates highlighting and dramatizing their own feelings about said events.

I know everyone grieves in their own way.  And maybe grieving publicly via social media is what these people are doing. I don’t get the feeling of sincerity from these public proclamations.  I know I am coming across as crass and unfeeling but those who know me know I care and feel deeply.  I have shed many tears privately over these events and even writing that here, in my blog, feels a little exploitative

Please do pray for the families, just don’t shove it down my throat you are doing so.  Please donate just don’t make me feel guilty because I don’t have the financial means to do the same.  Please hug your children a little tighter and let them know you love them, just do it on a daily basis not just after a tragedy.

And the news media.  Slow down; you wrongfully put the name of the perpetrator’s brother out there as the guilty party.  Take a few minutes before putting out details.  I personally do not want to see children interviewed moments after walking past the bodies of their dead classmates.  I don’t need to see hours upon hours of coverage of this event.  It draws out the crazies in this world looking for their few minutes in the spotlight.  I don’t need to see analysis after analysis on how these families lives will be forever impacted by the loss of their family members.  Ratings are not worth the pain you continually inflict by shoving the tragedy into our faces.

I avoid watching the news for a few days after any event  such as these. Just as I avoided watching the news for about a month prior to the presidential elections.  Rehashing the same stories over and over with different talking heads is not news.

Tragedies should be lessons to us all to be aware and take care of one another, not be fodder for the masses of drama craving individuals or ratings for the news media outlets.

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