xmas tree cb                                                 deep snow

Is it a family tradition if only one member of the family enjoys the activity?

Tromping through the Alaska woods rarely yields anything other than a Charlie Brown looking tree.  And I recommend everyone do it once.  Yet, my now ex husband insisted that every year the kids go with him to cut down a tree because it was a “tradition”.  The kids hated it.  They would choose a tree and he would say lets mark this one and look to see if we can find a better one.  And off they tromped in knee deep snow without snowshoes, getting colder and more miserable with each passing minute.

We had so many ornaments the kids had made and ornaments passed down from family that these Charlie Brown trees couldn’t hold them all.  We had a couple of artificial trees but he refused to use them unless we lived somewhere we couldn’t cut down our own tree.

The year the kids got old enough to start balking at this “tradition” he yelled at them, pouted, then refused to put up a tree at all that year.

Traditions are fantastic, as long as all parties want to participate.  Remember, what was fun when children were five won’t be quite as fun when they are fifteen.  Make your traditions ones that are meaningful and ageless.

I, personally, love the tradition that the first Christmas decoration to be put up is the Nativity.  This is an ageless tradition that doesn’t require a lot of effort or time.


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