I love you because…

It is always nice to hear I love you.  And sometimes that is enough.  But there are times when I need to know why.  Why do you love me?  For giggles, every once in awhile throw out a I love you because….

I challenged Mike today to give me 5 I love you because(s)…being long distance I, of course, couldn’t see his face but I know him well enough to know he was like a deer in the headlights thinking, “what does she want from me?”  I let him sweat for about 5 minutes and I send my first I love you because….

Because I know him, I started out with a physical I love you because.  Well, that kick started his responses back.  He is very good at expressing his appreciation for our physical relationship. I got two I love you because responses in that vein.

My next I love you because focused on his family.  His daughter, the son and daughter of his ex wife that are his kids even without his blood flowing through their veins, his parents and siblings, I can hear in his voice how much he loves them.  I admire and love the fact that his family means the world to him.  He responded back by telling me I was a awesome Mom.

My third I love you because focused on his job and how I admired his dedication to making the futures of those he serves healthier (in his prior to recruiting duty of being a medic within the physical therapy unit at the military hospital) and more prosperous (in his current recruiting duty). He snuck in a you can stop a room when I see you comment.

My fourth (and actually number two since I was labeling mine as a countdown) was I love you because you saved me from myself.  Mike was pivotal in my decision to change my life because he simply asked the question why?  It would be after I left my marriage that I became more than friends with Mike.  When he asked the question that made me rethink the direction my life was going he was nothing more than a co-worker who was wise beyond his years.

And my final (#1) I love you because was I love you because you love me.  To which he parroted back I love u because u love me.

Later in the day I got a random #6 I love you because from him.  I like this concept of I love you because….It makes you think, what is it about this person that makes me love them.  It forces you to not take for granted the love you feel for this person.

So I challenge you, toss out a I love you because….I bet it comes back to you threefold.

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