I can’t seem to get a handle on how to put my jumbled thoughts on paper.  Basically what I want to say is why do people think it is acceptable to deny responsibility for their actions and words.

Disclaimer, I am not schooled in any sort of medical or psychological field, I am explaining my experiences with individual(s) who have this disorder.  Borderline personality disorder, if you aren’t familiar with this is a disorder of emotion regulation.  Life with a BPD is black and white, the world revolves around BPD, BPD is always right, the bad things that happened to a BPD are not their fault but the fault of those out to get them.  They never accept responsibility for their actions, they always blame the consequences of their actions being that others “were out to get them”.  I became accustomed, my therapist says brainwashed, into believing that all the problems BPD have were because of me.  Thankfully, due to my therapist and my own reading of how to manage my own emotional response to those attempting to manipulate me by blaming me for their own failures, I am a better person.

(3 paragraphs of TMI deleted in order to protect myself from the potential of retaliation by those who were identified in my explanations of my experiences.)

Maybe I have an overinflated sense of my own self and the responsibility I think I hold.  Maybe I try to force my agenda on others.  I do know that I am a control freak and I do my best to reign in those tendencies.  So do I judge others too harshly based on my own metrics.  Yeah, probably.  I do have the best interest of others in mind, I want to see everyone succeed.  As a society if we don’t accept responsibility for our own actions and blame others for our failures, we cannot better ourselves for the success we each deserve.

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