How well do you know me?

A man I love once told me “You know me better than I know myself.”  Which got me to thinking, Babe, how well do you know me?  I pay a lot of attention, save emails and texts, make notes, etc.  I think it’s important to use this kind of information to show you care.  The last 3 Christmas gifts I have given him have made him tear up because they were “the perfect gift”.

Gift year one was actually 2 items, I asked him once what item does he own that he feels lost without, his answer was his watch.  He was moving away so the gift I got him was a self winding watch.  Whenever he wears it he thinks of me.  Second item was a book of my poetry handwritten into a leather bound journal.  He is the person who got me to start writing again.  When he opened the journal he actually got choked up.

Gift year two was again a twofer.  His favorite drink is Dr. Pepper.  I searched online until I found an antique Dr. Pepper bottle.  I slipped in a love note and put a cork in the bottle.  Part two was a key ring with the words “You are my Super Hero”.  I had asked him during one of our 20 questions marathon email sessions, when you were a kid what did you want to be.  And he told me the story of how he would say he wanted to be a super hero and people said like Superman and he said no, I want to be a super hero.  The keyring made him get choked up.

Gift year 3 was one silly gift and one thoughtful gift.  The silly gift was an eyehook made into a keyring with different nuts threaded on to it with a note that said I am completely nuts for you.  The thoughtful gift was a Harley-Davidson® Air Force Pin-Up Pilsner Set.  He is a recruiter in the Air Force and he takes great pride in his service.  His dream is to own a Harley one day.  So when I saw this Pilsner Set I knew it was the perfect gift.  When he called to thank me for the gift he got choked up when he was telling me about opening the tin and seeing the glass, dogtag keyring and coasters.

I know he is the youngest of 7 kids, his dad is his hero, his grandfather died less than 2 weeks before his daughter was born, his favorite color is black, he has green eyes, he loves to sing and won’t sing in public but he sang me a song over the phone and I heard he has a southern accent when he does sing out loud.   I know exactly how to touch his heart with gifts, I know what words to say to raise his self-esteem, I know what words to “get the motor running”, I know when he is trying to say things to make me happy that I know darn good and well  aren’t going to be followed through (even though I get my hopes up). It goes on and on….

I am not sure if he could tell you much about me.  And that makes me sad.

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