looking in the mirror

It all started with this

“A Dumbass Man message for you beautiful ladies out there.

Stop faking shit. If we men wanted fake hair, nails, boobs, butts, lips, skin tone, eye color, and crap; we’d go buy a damn blow up doll. And quit using pushup bras and those waist fat holder in things. It’s never that dark in a room that we wont notice you lied.

I personally have one requirement when I date a woman. If I push her thru a carwash, how much of her falls off after the last rinse cycle. If she’s somewhat human looking and still talking to me, it’s game on.”

I made this comment….Puttin’ on the ritz ever once in a while is awesome, makes your dude’s eyes pop…but on a daily basis, meh, he’d rather have a gal that don’t mind gettin’ a little dirty with him (in bed and out) and can take care of business when he is gone.  Who else of the female gender can raise their hand and say they changed out the floor flange and wax ring on the toilet!!  Me, I did that before 8 AM this morning. Now that’s sexy!!

Then to poke a little fun since a few people had used Snookie and J-Woww as examples of fake women and then women started making “I wear makeup for myself not any guy” commenst so I made this comment  – “I do it for me.” BULLSHIT, if all the fake shit didn’t get you assloads of attention from shallow guidos you wouldn’t do it. Self esteem comes from the inside, shallowness comes from the outside.  Real men will tell you the most beautiful women in the world is the who, no matter what she looks like, is confident in herself and doesn’t need attention from anyone.

I certainly poked the bear on that one, someone got over sensitive and blah blah don’t do this for male attention blah blah I am getting bigger boobs because I want to look like I did before my 3 kids even though my hubby says I don’t need it and tells me I am sexy blah blah blah I am doing this for me.  Yeah, right…so I go take a peek at her profile, Dare I say she fits the profile of someone looking to move up in this world.  She is a bleach blonde, fake, bitchy looking woman.  “I put on makeup and style my hair even when I stay at home because I feel better when I take care of myself.”  She has 3 kids under the age of 6, I don’t remember having time to get dolled up when I had 3 kids 7 and younger. She graduated college with a degree in molecular science and is married to a grunt in the Army.  Methinks she is looking to get back her teenage body to start fishing for a bigger payoff.

I stand by my “Self esteem comes from the inside, shallowness comes from the outside” statement though.

Not every woman who wears makeup or has surgical enhancements is shallow or has self esteem issues.  If a woman can’t look in the mirror without makeup and surgical enhancement without thinking that somehow she is flawed, then that is shallow.  I spent my entire childhood being told I was fat and ugly but did I let that tear me down, NO!!

Would I like a little nip, tuck and lift?  Sure, why not, but I look in the mirror and see the excess weight, the saggy boobs and the fine lines developing on my face and think, damn girl, you’ve been through a lifetime and look at you now! My body carried and nourished 5 awesome humans through their first year on this earth, and I earned every pound and line.

Will people in my life in 5 years remember what I look like, hell no, but will they remember that I made them feel good about themselves , YES!

And that ladies, is SEXY!!

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