Let’s try this again

I have been reading some other blogs and I thought I should try this again.  These other bloggers are snarky, funny, thoughtful, insightful and inspiring.

I think an introduction to the most important people in my life is a good way to kick off this renewed effort to blog.

I call my kids my minis.  Gotta giggle at calling my boys minis, they all tower over me!!

M, my youngest is a 12 year old girl.  She is at that odd tween stage, still a little girl but maturing so quickly.  She does the exasperated Mom thing, but she also knows how to tease back.  Unlike her older sister, I think she and I will get through her teen years and remain super close with one another.

E, my other girl, is expecting her first child in the spring.  I am super excited for her and her SO.  Her tween to teen years were rough.  We got back to being close when she was around 16.  Things fell apart again when I left her father.  Now we go back and forth.  I try not to stress about it, she was always her father’s favored child.  Eventually she will come to understand why I had to leave.

J3, my youngest son, super smart kid, sophomore in HS, failed the first quarter of this school year because he thought he could slide by like his sibs not doing/turning in homework.  Ah, well, we worked out an agreement and thus far HUGE improvement.  His laugh is infectious, makes me smile.

Took J1 shopping today.  He made the decision a couple years back to give up his car.  He works retail and the cost of gas, maintenance and insurance just didn’t seem worth it.  He walks to work and borrows my vehicle when he needs to do shopping, etc.  Very proud of my oldest mini, super responsible and a more caring man you will never find.

J2 my second son, this kid has always had an imagination that I could not keep up with.  He was my middle kid for 12 years and I made sure he never felt ignored the way I was growing up the middle kid in my family.  I vividly remember sitting in the principal’s office when he was in first grade fighting to get them to understand he needed to be tested for dyslexia and ADD.  I said to the principal, I will not let you ignore him.  He got the testing and the help he needed and was more successful in school than he would have been had I not been the mama lion that I am.

Single parenthood suits me.  I miss the kids when they spend their court mandated time with their Dad.  I am hoping now that they are getting older the judge will listen to their wishes of wanting me to have primary custody of them.  The kids prefer my parenting style to their Dad’s.  My style is to treat them like, gasp, human beings with their own minds.  I have taught them the morals and values I believe will serve them well in this life.  Now is time to let them stretch their wings, knowing that the home nest is their safe haven where they can come home to roost and get the encouragement and guidance they want and need.  My adult kids are extended the same courtesies I extend to any other adult in my life.  They are my kids and I will embarrass them by saying they will always be my babies.  That being said I don’t agree with others who think their children “owe them”.  And now I will end this paragraph before it becomes a rant!

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