Don’t say I’m sorry

I am beginning to hate the word sorry; if I make a comment about being sad or lonely and you can’t do anything about it don’t say I’m sorry, it doesn’t help.  More helpful are things like I wish there was something I could do to help, or I understand and that sucks; anything but I’m sorry.

If I say anything about my feelings to you it’s because I trust you with my feelings and fears. And I don’t want you to be sorry I shared with you.

It’s the knee jerk “I’m sorry” that people say that I don’t like.  I used to have this habit and I stopped myself because it was weak and useless.  I know most people mean they are sorry for the situation happening when they say I’m sorry, but sorry is so overused these days it has, for me personally, lost it’s meaning. I wish there were different words for the I’m sorry meaning sympathy, and I’m sorry meaning I apologize.

Too many people think just saying “I’m sorry” as an apology wipes the slate clean and it doesn’t.  Just like saying “I love you”, without actions the words are meaningless.

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