Time to come back

I have been ignoring my blog page because I felt like I was just being whiny.  So I am going to try again and hopefully won’t be whiny.

So I have been fully divorced for over a year now.  A year and 22 days if you want to get technical.  I fully share custody of my 2 youngest kids.  I was able to quit the second job.  I started by own little business selling Pure Romance products.  I bought my own home.  It’s been a good year.

I am dating…a little bit.  It’s hard meeting people.  I was on Match.com for 6 months and met a lot of scammers.   I did go on a few dates but none of the men were what I am looking for.   I am still on a site called Plenty of Fish.  I have made several friends from that site.  Again, no one is what I am looking for in a lifetime companion but the friends I have made are fun and its nice to have male friends.  I am enjoying getting the male perspective without the pressure of attempting to form a relationship.

So a new year is around the corner….

Raise Your Glass

by *AKDamselinDistress

Here’s to you, and here’s to me.
Here’s to what you mean to me.
Here’s to remembering old friends.
Here’s to my best friend, you know who you are.

Here’s to inspiration and my paper and my pen.
Here’s to the notes lost in the washer, to the memories washed away.
Here’s to the past, the guidebook to the future.
Here’s to the future, making dreams come true.

Here’s to those who fall in love in their dreams.
Here’s to everyone who has ever cried themselves to sleep.
Here’s to those nights where you just can’t sleep.

Here’s to heartache and the knowledge it brings.
Here’s to realizing my feelings have changed, for better or worse.
Here’s to speaking the most honest words I’ve ever spoken in my life.

Here’s to the one who broke your heart.
Here’s to the one that gives you hope.
Here’s to the one that said the right words.
Here’s to the man of your dreams and finally finding him.

Here’s to friends that make you laugh.
Here’s to hard work, and earning your keep.
Here’s to learning to love yourself, a hard lesson to learn.
Here’s to being the woman I was, I don’t think I will miss you.

Here’s to change, both good and bad.
Here’s to life, as hard as it may be, falling down and picking yourself up.
Here’s to the tears that cleanse the soul.
Here’s to the words that have changed your life.

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