I am so lonely

I don’t understand how you can spend so much time talking to a person and they still will blow you off.  I am involved with a guy that I really like.  We both work 2 jobs so time is very limited.  I told him I was going to be alone tonight and really wanted to see him.  He isn’t working tonight but he is “busy”.  I know, I know getting involved with someone with kids is hard and he has responsibilities to them but I am so lonely and really need someone to be here for me.  Yet again I am not someone elses number one.  I really don’t think its too much to ask that for all the sacrifices I make that someone make just a few back for me.  If he truly loves me like he says he does he would have, right?  I know I am coming off as selfish and I really don’t care.  I want someone to want to take care of me the way I have taken care of all those around me.

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